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« on: 30 April 2016, 13:40:47 »
MAKE.ZONES.FAST это древний, но вроде бы рабочий редактор зон (у меня работает) в форматах Diku, Merc и EnvyMud. Взят с сайта для сохранения, так как почти все другие ссылки на этом сайте уже не рабочие. Во вложениях архивы с исходными текстами и исполняемый файл. Чтобы скомпилировать исходные тексты редактора понадобится Borland C++ 4.x.
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Re: M.Z.F.
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MZF source code information

Over the last year I have gotten many requests for the MZF source code. I have always made the source code publicly available, but I have tried to discourage people from embarking on MZF customization projects as MZF requires the Borland OWL framework and not everyone has this or knows how to use it.

Anyway, I have gotten tired of sending people this URL, so here it is: MZF source code is available from

What you need to compile this is Borland C++ 4.x. If you have 5.x, you will need to make a few changes. When I get 5.x, I will make these changes, but for now I am using Borland C++ 4.02. You are expected to know how to operator the Borland C++ compiler, I can't tell you how many people don't know how to set the 'file include path' and claim MZF won't compile. MZF also takes a long time to compile, over ten minutes on my Pentium 100.

If you are already an OWL programmer, be warned: This is a Doc/View application. The logic of Doc/View programs really upsets some people. In fact, I actually learned so much about Doc/View programming when MZF came out that I wrote a popular FAQ on Doc/View for this project, which you can see on my Borland C++ page. Also be warned that the Borland 'Class Expert' won't work on this project anymore, the database is long since corrupted. If you are not a Doc/View programmer but want to become one, investigate Borland's Doc/View line drawing program until you understand it before diving into MZF.

Because this code is based on Merc and Envy parsers, you will not be able to sell this code. You will not be able to put it on a floppy and give it to someone for the cost of the floppy. There is a DIKU license, and we stick by it. That means we do not accept donations (even free commercial software from the manufacturer, as one guy offered me) or make changes to support someone's code base in exchange for money. There are also requirements about not publishing without the prior consent of the DIKU people (which I'm afraid to say I have done, at least web publishing, but don't expect to be able to write an article about MZF code and sell it to a 'zine.)

There are also the Merc and Envy licenses to abide by. There is also Borland's copyright on OWL, which means don't consider porting this to Unix. (Borland does have an OS/2 version, if anyone wants to do that port I will help in any way that I can, having recently started working as a contractor for IBM.) For the future, there is the issue of ROM code in the new MZF, but Alander has graciously given me the rights to excerpt bits of ROM code without following the ROM license. So you will have to check with him if you release a ROM-ified MZF using his code.

Note that everything in MZF which isn't covered by any of the following licenses is completely public domain, so if you think I have a particulaly clever 'potion' icon or really like my code to resize fonts so that eight columns fits in a text edit box feel free to use it without crediting me.


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Re: M.Z.F.
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o Ok, how do I add the customizations I have done to my MUD to MZF?
(This is describing MZF before 0.97. There are newer features...)
There are several new WIN.INI entries for MUD customization. In the future, I hope you will be able to make your customizations through MZF, and I hope to support more customizations, but for now we allow:
3 new room flags
Up to 3 new object types.
Unlimited new mobile spec-fun and spells
You enter them in WIN.INI like this:

Code: [Select]
; Three custom object types are allowed
; Three custom room flags are allowed, and must be these values
RFlag65536=BFS Mark
; Add some new spec funs
; Add some new spells
spell1=102/sticks to snakes
You must include the number before the spell. This is the 'slot number' usedby Merc, TFC, and ROM. Your IMP can give you this number. If you are usingEnvy, this number isn't necessary, but MZF makes you put in one anyway. Makeone up.(The WIN.INI will be located in your \WINDOWS, \WIN31, \WFWG, or\WINNT35 directory. You can edit it with NOTEPAD.)

o My fonts are the wrong size!
The fonts are set up for the 'small font' option of most monitors. If they are too big, toosmall, etc. you can go into "File Format" and change the size of your font.

o It is just showing me rooms, and that is all I can make!
Click on the "glasses" icon or select "Window|Add View"

o Why can I use Cut and Copy but not Paste?
This is for people who like to make zones in a text editor. You make a mob, copy it to theclipboard and then into your editor.

o How do I make a lot of similar rooms really fast without Paste, then?
Use the mouse to select the long description, then use Ctrl-Insert to copy the longdescription to the clipboard. When you make a new room, use Shift- Insert to paste thelong description. Everythin g else except the short description is 'sticky'. Alternates forCtrl-Insert and Shift-Insert are Ctrl-C (copy) and Ctrl-V (paste). You must have a mouse toselect the text.

o I'm getting "fread_number()" errors when I try to load a zone.
Check the "File|File Formats" dialog to make sure that you are using the correct file type.

You must be in Envy mode to read Envy zones, and Merc mode Merc zones.or
You are reading a zone that has been made vnumv neutral, in which case you need to editthe zone to an actual vnum before you can begin.

o How do I create rooms easily?
Create the first room by clicking on "+". Fill out the dialog. Select "Create" mode andthe direction you wish to go, then click on "Make". Having two modes is kind of strange,but in testing I found that it was too easy to accidently make rooms when trying to walkaround, so I put the "Walk" mode in.

o Can I get source?
Source is available by email to Source for 0.94 is available from [updated].Source for 0.95 will be available via FTP soon. You need Borland's OWL framework anda compiler that supports exceptions, which means you basically are forced tocompile with Borland C++ 4.x. OWL was supposed to be portable to the Macintoshand Unix but that project has been shelved I hear. Sorry. I'm going to makethe source as free of restrictions as I legally can, see the copyright below.If you have source, it is fairly easy to add bits specific to your MUD, butplease remember that I am working on adding this into MZF, and if you have acustomized version you may be out of luck. MZF takes over half an hour tocompile on a 486/33 with 8 megs of RAM.

o Why isn't there a 'walkthrough' mode like Dikued and AEWin have?
I use Merc2.2 and Envy1.0 for walkthroughs. I am alpha-testing a patch for Merc andEnvy to run under Windows 3.1 and NT through the Winsock interface. This allows you torun a full server that you can telnet to locally, and if you have an Internet connection allowsyou to run a full MUD site off of your Windows box. See Zone Basics

o It's telling me that ctl3d isn't installed correctly.
CTL3DV2.DLL is a DLL that gives dialogs a grey, "chiseled" appearance. This must be inthe \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. There cannot be a copy of it in the program directory. This is not needed for Windows '95.