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MudWalker - это клиент для Mac OS X (OSX) с открытым исходным кодом, написанный Кевином Рейдом (Kevin Reid).


* Compact connection windows that use no unnecessary screen space.
* Supports Telnet, MCP, ANSI color, and TWin protocols.
* Full support for extended character sets, including Unicode and Windows encodings.
* Scripting using the Lua programming language.
* Automatic login scripts with support for multiple accounts.
* Command aliases.
* Automatic logging.
* Library feature automatically remembers servers you've connected to and the location of your settings files for them.
* URLs become clickable links. Scripts can make arbitrary text into links which send commands.
* Local text editing (MCP-based, requires server support).
* Native Mac OS X Cocoa application.
Взят с сайта: http://mudwalker.cubik.org/

Во вложении исполняемый файл и исходные тексты клиента.


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