Опрос предпочтений игроков с форума Reddit

Опрос на форуме Reddit проводился разработчиками нового графического мада, с концептом которого можно ознакомиться по ссылке https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8183146/temp/mud_rpg_game/index.html. Не уверен сколько просуществует демо, поэтому сделал скриншот.

Концепт графического мада

Разработчикам хотелось узнать предпочтения игроков, для этого они создали соответствующую тему на форуме https://www.reddit.com/r/MUD/comments/4ia17v/survey_we_are_thinking_about_creating_a_new_mmo/. Я тоже в нем поучаствовал и решил скопировать от туда результаты (напротив варианта ответа количество проголосовавших, в скобках в процентах от общего числа).

Please tell us what you like in a game

Guilds, clans, orders or any other player grouping

  • No, I don't like that the game offers ways players can join in larger groups. — 2(4%)
  • Yes,  there should be a system for players to create guilds, clans, whatever  with guild masters and with other access levels. Maybe even a guild bank  or guild housing in the future! — 43(86%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 2(4%)
  • Другое — 3(6%)

Luck vs a deterministic system
Luck (and bad luck) is when things happen by random outside the player's control or skill.
  • Luck is an okay element of a game. Such as doing critical damage on a monster (or a monster does a critical damage on you). — 39(78%)
  • No, I rather want a determinstic system as much as possible. — 8(16%)
  • Другое — 3(6%)

One or multiple characters as a player?
  • Yes, I like to have multiple characters as a player. — 21(42%)
  • No, I more like having one character but be able to switch directions freely in the game. — 17(34%)
  • Другое — 9(18%)

Character stats
Character stats are usually strength, wisdom, intelligence, dexterity, etc. What do you think about them?
  • I like a complex stat system. — 30(60%)
  • The fewer stats, the better. — 13(26%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 2(4%)
  • Другое — 5(10%)

Alignments could be if you are good, neutral, evil, chaotic, etc. What do you think about alignments?
  • No,  there shouldn't be pre-defined alignments. My actions I do with my  character should build up a reputation among the other players. — 27(54%)
  • Yes, I want to select an alignment in the beginning and get rewarded when I make decisions that align to it. — 3(6%)
  • Yes, there should be pre-defined alignments but what I do in-game will slowly update its status. — 12(24%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 2(4%)
  • Другое — 6(12%)

Currency and economic
A currency is something you can accumulate and spend in the game, such as «gold».
  • No, there shouldn't be any currencies. Everything you get should be based on rewards instead. — 1(2%)
  • Yes, but restricted only a few pre-defined ones. — 24(48%)
  • Yes,  but it should be liberal — anything should work as a currency. It  should be a totally a player driven economic system, like the game Eve  does it. — 20(40%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 4(8%)
  • Другое — 1(2%)

Moving around
How do you want to move around in the world?
  • The classics; north, east, south and west. — 5(10%)
  • The classics (north, east, south and west) but up and down as well. — 38(76%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 4(8%)
  • Другое — 3(6%)

Character level progression
  • Yes, I like to start from level 1 and gain levels and unlock new skills and abilities by getting experience points. — 34(68%)
  • No, I want everyone to be on the same level. There should still be a system to unlock skills and abilities though. — 13(26%)
  • No, everything should be unlocked immediently once I create my character. — 1(2%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 0(0%)
  • Другое — 2(4%)

  • Yes, there should be some pre-defined religions in the game. It helps with the lore. — 28(56%)
  • No,  there shouldn't be any religion pre-defined religions. If players want  religion, they can add it into the game themselves via role play. — 9(18%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 11(22%)
  • Другое — 2(4%)

How important it is the pre-defined lore in a game?
  • Yes, it's very important. Everything should have a backstory and intertwined in a big lore. — 27(54%)
  • Yes, some pre-defined lore is okay. — 17(34%)
  • No, if players want lore they can add it themselves via role play. — 2(4%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 3(6%)
  • Другое — 1(2%)

A class has their own skills and abilities unique for that class. What do you think about classes?
  • Yes,  I like a game with multiple classes, each class has their own skills  and abilities and where one character can have single class — 15(30%)
  • Yes, I like classes and I like the notion of multi-classing as well — 11(22%)
  • No,  there shouldn't be classes. A character should freely choose and  progress their own path to skills and abilities though at any time  without rolling a new character — 17(34%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 2(4%)
  • Другое — 5(10%)

Like classes with their own skills and benefits.
  • Yes, there should be professions but a character can only have one profession at the time — 15(30%)
  • Yes, but a character should be able to have multiple professions if they want. — 20(40%)
  • No, professions ruin the game. — 4(8%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 7(14%)
  • Другое — 4(8%)

Like classes and professions.
  • Yes, there should a race you select from when you create your charater. — 37(74%)
  • No races. I don't want to create a new character just to play as another race and get their benefits. — 6(12%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 7(14%)
  • Другое — 0(0%)

Think about questing like how World of Warcraft does it.
  • Yes, there should be pre-written quests for players to do. — 32(64%)
  • Yes, but it should be randomized generated. — 7(14%)
  • No, I am not really interested in a quest system. — 2(4%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 1(2%)
  • Другое — 8(16%)

Player versus players.
  • No, that should not be allowed. — 1(2%)
  • Yes, but fighting other players should only be allowed in specific «arenas» designed to PVP. — 20(40%)
  • Yes,  if I leave a safe zone, I like living with the threat I can get  attacked by other players (including being ganked), just as I would like  to freely attack other players. — 22(44%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 3(6%)
  • Другое — 4(8%)

Dungeons and raids
Think of dungeons and raids as areas where you need a group of players in order to clear the zone.
  • No, it would just ruin the game. — 4(8%)
  • Yes, that would be cool. — 35(70%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 6(12%)
  • Другое — 5(10%)

Dialogs with NPCs
What do you think about dialogs with non player characters? Such as quest givers or the city guard patrolling the street.
  • Yes, this is very important for me. I would love a dialog system. — 29(58%)
  • No, it's just a waste of time. The NPC should just tell me the bare minimum of what is required of me to continue the game. — 9(18%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 7(14%)
  • Другое — 5(10%)

Should weather affect your game?
Should the current weather have any in game impact?
  • Yes, its more realistic if the weather had some kind of impact of the game play. — 29(58%)
  • No,  it would be just annoying. I can't control the weather, and I can only  play the game right now, so why should I maybe get punished for it. — 11(22%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 7(14%)
  • Другое — 3(6%)

Voiced dialogs and descriptions
Do you like when various texts is voiced?
  • Yes, I really like games where the dialog or any other important text is read out loud to me. — 8(16%)
  • No, I really don't like it. It's just a waste of time, and can even break my immersion. — 27(54%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 11(22%)
  • Другое — 4(8%)

Gear and items drops
  • I  like items and gear to be randomized, like the game Diablo does it. A  basic monster should most of the time drop low quality gear, but once  and a while drop a totally crazy epic sword. — 22(44%)
  • I  like when gear and items are pre-defined, as in the game World of  Warcraft, so I know what specifically which mob to grind to get the item  I am looking for. — 18(36%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 4(8%)
  • Другое — 6(12%)

Global crafting your own gear
  • Yes, anyone should be able to craft or improve their own gear. — 11(22%)
  • Yes, but it should only be done by players who has this as their dedicated profession. — 29(58%)
  • No, any sorts of crafting ruins the game. — 2(4%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 3(6%)
  • Другое — 5(10%)

Gems and enhancement
Gems are jewels and  enhancements are spells you can put into gear to make them slightly better.
  • Yes, a gem or an enhancement system is cool. — 37(74%)
  • No, it just ruins the game. — 6(12%)
  • This question is not important to me. — 7(14%)
  • Другое — 0(0%)

If you think that we might have missed any other important game play or game mechanics, please write them here!
  • dont start without a good plan and keep it scoped down the project will grow exponentially
  • My  only fear is all of the 'asks' make for more effort in the game.  Id  love to see a lot of things but I know its probably not reasonable.   Eitherway, good luck :)
  • Active in-character admins(in god form etc.), it helps a lot with the immersion and you don't see much of it nowadays
  • Open-world  player housing with the ability of item storage, lockpicking skill for  breaking into other's homes, limited storage, bank taxing based on  amount of space used and the possibility of robbing it, player-driven  justice system.
  • I'd like a Graphical Mud that is RP-Enforced or that somehow allows RPers to play together without interruption from non-RPers
  • Permadeath
  • Honestly  you should check out Avalon RPG, it fits a lot of my answer and is one  of my favorite muds — player driven economy, open world pvp, standard  gear etc. Its the type of game I would like most but I think a lot other  players wouldn't like it
  • I think the best answers lie somewhere in between the choices you have presented.
  • System requirements should be observed, not everybody can run demanding games. I wish you guys the best of luck.
  • Not  really gameplay-related and quite secondary, but I like having a  web-based list of characters, each player being able to allow/disallow  others to view their character pages.
  • I  always find myself going back to Dragonrealms for how rich the pve  combat is. Something akin to that would be fantastic...think advancing  on enemies...giving rooms a 3D feel.

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